Visit Braga


The project Visit Braga – Integrated Promotion of the Tourist Offer has the fundamental objective of promoting Braga as a tourist destination, adding to the offer: accommodation, restaurants, typical products, handicrafts, and experiences aimed at tourists, with the possibility of booking and transaction, providing information for other activities that, directly and indirectly, are essential to the strategy of promoting tourism in the city of Braga.

At the same time, a collaborative network of stakeholders in the tourism sector in the city of Braga will be created, in order to align individual strategies and improve the involvement of the various stakeholders around common and converging objectives.

With the implementation of this project, the city of Braga will now have a platform that will be essential for reinforcing its claim to be one of the main Iberian tourist destinations and reinforcing its reputation as an international tourist destination.

NKA is very focused on the design and implementation of digital business models, with special emphasis on Marketplaces, aggregators of different types of offer, aimed at final consumers and/or business customers

All-in Nature


The All-in Nature platform aims to promote and disseminate, in a centralized way, the tourist offer of the municipalities of the PNPG – Peneda Gerês National Park, to increase the international visibility of tourism in this territory, which has as its most recent attribute being BIOSPHERE WORLD RESERVE. In this sense, in addition to the web platform, an application for mobile devices was created and a promotion strategy based on digital media was implemented, supported by a strategy aimed at the global market;

Barcelos Plaza


In its collective component, BARCELOS PLAZA is the mark of a new commercial attitude, materialized in an electronic platform that will serve as a showcase for Barcelos’ commerce and in a series of initiatives that seek to invite consumers – whether from the municipality, the region or occasional visitors from other geographies – entering stores to make purchases. Among these initiatives, it is worth highlighting the implementation of commercial routes through the city, passing through points of tourist interest and a dedicated mobile application, in addition to the promotion of the entire project on social networks and through email marketing campaigns.

I Shop Braga


I Shop Braga is the name of a joint project for the modernization of commerce in the city center presented by the Braga Commercial Association to the “Comércio Investe” incentive system and which was developed by NKA. The application led by ACB in an investment of over 1 million euros in the creation and promotion of an e-commerce network, boosting the growth of transactions via the internet and the affirmation of the city center of Braga as a prestigious trade.

Living Galiza

Living Galiza Homepage

Living Galiza Porto is a project that aims to enhance and boost the commercial offer of this urban area of ​​the City of Porto, through the implementation of a structured intervention program, where the potential of information and communication technologies assume a central role. , all the more so since reality shows us that proximity commerce, shaken as it is in the volume of business it generates and in its ability to retain and retain customers, needs to “reinvent itself”, bearing in mind that the approach to the potential market has changed radically, through the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies and the Digital Economy, which is being exponentially validated by consumers, so proximity commerce has to face this new reality with pragmatism, objectivity and determination, creating conditions to take advantage of the resulting business opportunities.