Technological solutions to digitize and modernize your company.

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GrowOnWeb is an e-commerce solution aimed at companies that want to invoice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our main goal is to develop simple and effective solutions that are flexible and scalable, so that they can easily adapt to any type of business.


A new digital economy model that provides an integrated solution for trade, tourism, regional promotion and the promotion of private sector initiatives that want to enter E-commerce.

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SuiteCRM is a powerful and innovative customer relationship management tool designed to understand and anticipate customer needs. It enables a global, integrated and individualized approach aimed at increasing sales by satisfying the wishes and needs of current and potential customers.


The Cegid Primavera ERP is based on a transversal platform characterized by robustness, reliability, integrity and security. It includes a set of integrated modules that allow data to flow seamlessly between the financial, logistics, treasury, human resources and accounting areas, among others.

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Integrated management, planning, execution and control of projects and works. The Cegid Primavera Construction module is a solution designed to simplify processes and accompany all construction management with intuitive, fast and effective procedures. This solution allows strict control of the execution time and cost of works, generating greater profitability for your organization.


nkaProd is a complete software program for industry and production. It contains functionalities that make it possible to track and analyze the entire production flow of orders, workers, materials, machines, maintenance, time and costs in real time, making it possible to anticipate problems and react quickly.

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Training Management

The nkaAcademies E-learning platform is a complete web solution for training management. From trainee and trainer management to the creation of marketing lists and e-learning courses, nkaAcademies allows you to have strict control of costs, income, tasks to be carried out and even the certificates and diplomas you have issued.

Event Management

A platform specializing in automated and centralized event management. Our main goal is to facilitate the entire process of organizing events: before, during and after. It’s a cloud solution, accessible anywhere and with all the functionalities just a click away.

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