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Cegid Premium Partner (CPP): are companies that, due to their size and ability to invest in experienced human resources, combine technical skills with commercial skills, thus meeting the conditions that allow them to proactively approach the large companies market, also known as the middle market.

Cegid Solutions Partner (CSP): companies that develop management solutions that complement the Cegid offer, in the form of add-ons that integrate with Cegid Primavera solutions.

ERP Cegid Primavera is based on a transversal platform characterized by robustness, reliability, integrity, and security. It includes a set of integrated modules that allow a total flow of data between the financial, logistics, treasury, human resources, accounting areas, among others.

Companies and institutions that have Cegid Primavera software or an equivalent solution invariably have autonomous management solutions that are not linked to the ERP installed in their organization. There are also cases in which these organizations need to obtain specific information, the use of which was not initially foreseen in the ERP installed, but whose availability, from a certain point onwards, became relevant.

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In either case, NKA has a vast team made up of Senior Implementation Consultants and highly specialized software development technicians who are able to respond to all requests through the development of solutions that promote the connection of the installed ERP to any autonomous management system (of equipment, car fleet, production or a more specific control of construction works, for example), as well as collecting available but unused information and integrating it into the organization’s ERP.

These developments, tailored to the needs of customers, are essential for those responsible for organizations to have useful management information for the specifics of their business, completely integrated into a single platform.

NKA is part of the Cegid Premium Partner partner network, which places it at the highest level of partnership.

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Cegid solutions are available in Perpetual and Subscription modalities. These are part of the On-Premise model, which is characterized by the installation of the software on the customer’s own technological infrastructure.

The Cloud model is an online access to the global service that comprises infrastructure, hosting, software and respective updates, upon payment of a monthly fee.

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Cegid Primavera Developments

Solution developed by NKA for Equipment Management with the main objective of recording the interventions carried out on each equipment of an organization, through the creation of Service Sheets that allow the allocation of costs of materials, services and labor, controlling the associated costs in a certain period of time by Service Sheet or by equipment. It allows managing preventive maintenance and obtaining alerts about interventions to be carried out, both in terms of repairs and insurance, inspections and other criteria to be periodically controlled.

This graphical interface allows, in a simplified way, the creation of a Service Sheet by intervention to be carried out in certain equipment.

Thinking about the recording of equipment on site, the difficulties of inserting these hours into the system due to its length and differentiation of the types of hours that each organization can practice, NKA developed an intuitive and adaptable utility that makes it possible to record the daily parts of the equipment of its company in the Cegid Primavera system with reflection in the Construction module and/or in internal documents for management control and allocation to accounting.

We describe below the main advantages and features of this utility:

To centralize repair costs by equipment, NKA developed the control of Service Sheets records, also called Work Sheets or Repair Sheets. These Service Sheets, associated with certain equipment, are registered in the system through automatic coding, identifying the equipment (possible association with cost center, asset, article, equipment table), type of intervention (preventive, improvement, corrective, …), among others.

All costs associated with this intervention are recorded by internal, stock, or financial documents in ERP Cegid Primavera, which make it possible to obtain transparently the costs for external services, consumption of materials, labor, and others, by Service Sheet and consequently by equipment.

Get information on the real costs of interventions carried out on your equipment (internal/external), through this complementary module to ERP Cegid Primavera.

To satisfy the need to manage and record information on the routes carried out and to be carried out by the company’s vehicles, an additional module was created to ERP Cegid Primavera that allows the introduction of information regarding a certain route of loading/unloading of a vehicle, being able to , its planning and subsequent analysis of the work carried out by the company’s fleet.

Main features:

Additional module to ERP Cegid Primavera that allows recording of equipment rental to construction sites and/or third parties.
With this tool it will be possible to record rentals made to customers through two different methods that can complement each other:

The rental of equipment is registered, which will later be the subject of a final billing document. At any time, users will be able to consult the location of the equipment as well as the number of rental days that are already associated with it.

Record of rentals with intermediate and final invoicing.
The rental of equipment is registered, which will be subject to an intermediate billing (monthly/weekly/daily/etc.) and subsequent final billing upon return. This intermediate billing can be done in bulk for more than one leased piece of equipment. This invoicing may be made to third parties and/or to the company itself, thus keeping a record of costs and equipment usage. Users are now able to control the location/history of locations as well as the number of days of use of certain equipment.

Additional module to ERP Cegid Primavera that allows the import of data in Excel according to own models of fuel, insurance and tolls.These records are integrated into documents in ERP Cegid Primavera, mapping the equipment (registration) with ERP cost centers, taking into account consideration of the tax burden of deductibilities and autonomous taxation.

Additional module to ERP Cegid Primavera that allows the import of data in Excel according to own models of fuel, insurance and tolls.
These records are integrated into documents in ERP Cegid Primavera, mapping the equipment (registration) with ERP cost centers, taking into account the tax burden of deductibles and autonomous taxation.

Module integrated in ERP Cegid Primavera for companies that provide technical assistance to equipment or software.

Through this module, it is possible to register equipment repair requests, software assistance requests, control serial numbers and warranties, issue and control assistance contracts, manage technicians’ schedules, access databases of the most frequent problems, invoice parts, thus having full control of the efficiency and profitability of the company/department.

The module’s versatility combined with the customization capacity that NKA, through the experience and skills of its consultants in the areas of management and development, made it possible to implement this product in organizations with different business areas.

The invoicing of services provided or parts, as well as the stock management of the material used in the interventions, are examples of the possible integration of Technical Assistance with the Treasury and Inventory modules, respectively. One of the procedures developed by NKA allows stock inputs/outputs to be immediately allocated to a given intervention, allowing the technician who performs the work to collect the necessary material from the warehouse.

When the latter finishes the intervention and returns with unused material, the warehouse will be able to register the entry into stock, no longer be allocated to the intervention.
Allied to the interventions, there may be a project/work, in which each intervention can affect a particular project. Thus, it will be possible to monitor a project from the beginning to its maintenance phase (warranty), controlling its profitability at all times, taking advantage of the interconnection between the different areas of ERP Cegid Primavera.

Module integrated into ERP Cegid Primavera that allows managing the relationship of members of an association, club, community, or other entities.Through this module, it is possible to register the member file as an entity in ERP Cegid Primavera, taking advantage of a data structure that makes it possible to categorize the member with information on their representatives, date of incorporation, date of admission, main/secondary activity, commercial/tax name, collector, legal form, date of cancellation, the reason for cancellation, among others.

The versatility of the module, extremely intuitive and with a simple interface, combined with the customization capacity that NKA has, through the experience and skills of its consultants in the areas of management and development, made it possible to incorporate in ERP Cegid Primavera the necessary functionalities for associative management with a set of extremely useful features in the management and administration of this type of organization.

Use of ERP Cegid Primavera functionalities for customizing lists, maps, integration with current accounts, treasury, and accounting. We ensure the import of data and pending in existing associations.

Additional module to ERP Cegid Primavera, which consults information on customers and their pending items directly from the Cegid Primavera database and through an intuitive and versatile method, provides the desired information through its own filters that make it possible to present and select the desired data for the processing of notifications of expiration and batch generation of emails with the expiration notices automatically generated in PDF and attached to these emails.

Availability of own lists in the access to the application to users with the proper permission with information on documents that have exceeded the due date on the date.

Equipment (ERP articles) and projects/works are fed by your Cegid Primavera ERP data. Control of records by login and dates with connection to the ERP through internal documents or purchases. These cost documents reflect the times and costs in the associated project/work.


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