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What is Portugal 2030?

Portugal 2030 is a Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission that covers a set of measures to be implemented between 2021 and 2027, which aim to promote the development of the Portuguese economy.

In this way, the programming focuses on the five major strategic objectives of the European Union, which are: a smarter, greener, more connected, more social and closer to citizens Europe.

Recover Portugal, Building the Future​

Recovering Portugal is the mission that aims to resume sustained economic growth by 2026

Through the Recovery and Resilience Program (RRP), a set of reforms and investments will be implemented to propel the country towards convergence with Europe over the next decade.

The PRR is based on 3 fundamental dimensions: Resilience, Climate Transition and Digital Transition. The latter is specifically aimed at reinforcing the digitization of companies and catching up with the digital transition process.

recuperar portugal

Portugal Digital: Moving Forward, Moving with a Purpose

Portugal Digital is the mission that aims to accelerate the country's digital transformation towards a digital nation​

portugal digital

It is a mission born out of the need for Portugal’s transition to a more digital, competitive and internationally strengthened country.

It focuses on three pillars: the empowerment and digital inclusion of people, the digital transformation of the business fabric and the digitization of the State. From here, sub-pillars are created, among which the Business Fabric, with a focus on SMEs, stands out.

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