IAPMEI Financing Portal

The Financing Portal is an aggregated system of content and services to support the transaction and boost business.

Development of an aggregated system of content and services to support transactions and boost business, as a way of responding to the current dispersion of information across a series of entities and data systems, which makes it difficult for companies to capture and use them in a simple way and direct, so that IAPMEI, betting on collaborative work between national and local agents in the business environment, can provide a better service to companies, by aggregating and standardizing content in an integrated and global approach that offers greater coverage and effectiveness in access to services and information by companies and in the search and combination of solutions that are more suited to their needs profiles.

Structured results for three areas:

  • COMPANIES AND MARKETS: Promote business opportunities for national companies, within the national and/or international market.
  • TRANSACTION MARKET: Platform for the management of opportunities to buy or sell businesses and assets of companies undergoing restructuring and insolvency processes, in line with the best international practices.
  • COMPANIES AND MARKETS: It will include the dissemination of the set of financing solutions in force in the market, aimed at the various areas of business and corporate investment.

The final solution includes: Business Transaction Market Platform; SME Leader Catalogue; Mobile application – PME Líder; Financing solutions.

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