I Shop Braga

I Shop Braga is the name of a joint project for the modernization of commerce in the city center presented by ACB.

I Shop Braga is the name of a joint project for the modernization of commerce in the city center presented by the Braga Commercial Association to the “Comércio Investe” incentive system and which was developed by NKA. The application led by ACB in an investment of over 1 million euros in the creation and promotion of an e-commerce network, boosting the growth of transactions via the internet and the affirmation of the city center of Braga as a prestigious trade.

The I Shop Braga project represents an investment of 800 thousand euros by the participating companies and 250 thousand euros supported by the business association.
This modernization project focuses on the new factors of competitiveness of companies such as organization, marketing and e-commerce, unlike other previous financial incentive systems focused on improving the physical structure of commercial establishments.

The I Shop Braga includes a network of joint support services for the customers of the 30 stores participating in the project, which benefit from a “scale effect”, taking advantage of a common internet platform to reach new markets. A loyalty system for common companies, shared shopping delivery services are some of the services that aim to increase electronic sales and, at the same time, attract more consumers to the city center of Braga.

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