The Emer-N project is constituted as an instrument/tool ​​to leverage the micro and small businesses.

The Emer-N project – Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas in the Northern Region, is an instrument/tool ​​to leverage micro and small businesses, adapted to the constraints and particularities of the rural environment, with the aim of creating a positive environment, of support for the emergence and growth of companies and employment in the northern region of the country.

The project consisted in the development of the Emer-N Platform for the promotion, dissemination and management of the entrepreneurship project, centralizing all the information, diversity of interactions, records and analyzes on this platform, through the total digitalization of processes and procedures, internal and external, namely: Registration of entrepreneurs, dissemination of events, promotion of integrated companies/entrepreneurs, information on partners, mentor and expert scholarship, legislation database, support for facilitators (registration of meetings, interventions, etc.), database document data, technical content, among other features.

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