Vouchers for Startups: New Green and Digital Products

08 Nov, 2022

Vouchers for Startups: New Green and Digital Products

08 Nov, 2022

Do you have a company created less than 10 years ago, which is a Startup and takes the form of an SME, of any nature or legal form? If the answer is yes, know that you can benefit from support of €30,000, with 100% financing on eligible expenses.

Notice N.º 10/C16-i02/2022 refers to the Opening of a Tender within the scope of the measure “Vouchers for Startups – New green and digital products”, and has application throughout the national territory, including the autonomous regions of Madeira and of the Azores.


Typology of operations

This measure aims to support startups, being susceptible to support projects that have as objectives, framed in the promotion of business models, products or digital services with a positive contribution to the climate transition through high efficiency in the use of resources, which allow the reduction of impacts. pollution, that promote the circular economy, that constitute new solutions for energy production and/or that are characterized by the use of Open Data or Artificial Intelligence, namely:

  • Start-up and growth support – Financing for start-up startups;
  • Support for participation in ignition and acceleration programs – Financing of startups that apply for ignition or acceleration programs;
  • Support for the development of pilot projects – Financing intended for the demonstration of technology or business/service model, developed by startups, which allows the startup to demonstrate its technology, proving its effectiveness.


Eligible Expenses

The following are considered eligible expenses:

i. Costs with existing or to be contracted human resources, intended for the activities to be developed within the scope of the project, up to the value of 75% of the total eligible costs;

ii. Expenses with accreditation or technological certification of human resources;

iii. Acquisition of Specialized External Services, such as services to support the digitization of business processes, marketing services, product and service development, consulting and other specialized services for the pursuit of the project’s objectives;

iv. Acquisition or operational rental of equipment, as well as licensing or software subscription costs, intended for the activities to be developed within the scope of the project;

v. Costs with the protection/enhancement of intellectual property rights;

vi. Indirect costs.

The expected indirect costs are calculated on the basis of simplified costs, based on the application of a flat rate of 15% of human resources costs.

Expenses incurred from the date of submission of the application are eligible, and the project cannot be started on the date of submission of the same.


Financing rate

The amount of funding to be granted under this Notice corresponds to €30,000 per beneficiary. The funding to be granted to the selected applications must be confirmed by carrying out eligible expenses of the same amount, corresponding to a funding rate of 100%, and the beneficiaries must respect the legal provisions applicable to public procurement when it is necessary to pursue the objectives of the project. The amount of funding will be allocated under the framework of “De Minimis Aid”, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013, of 18 December, with a maximum limit of €200,000 for 3 financial years per single company.


Project duration

Projects have a maximum duration of eighteen months from the date of signing the Term of Acceptance, and must be completed no later than September 30, 2025.

Applications are submitted using an electronic form, available as of November 25, on the IAPMEI website, at the Balcão dos Fundos.


See the full notice here.

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