RRP: Bet on the Internationalization of your Company via E-commerce

01 Sep, 2022

RRP: Bet on the Internationalization of your Company via E-commerce

01 Sep, 2022

Applications are now open for the contest that aims to support the internationalization via e-commerce of SMEs throughout the national territory, including the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores.

Notice no. 08/C16-i02/2022, which appears on the Recovery and Resilience Plan page, grants support to projects aimed at implementing digital internationalization strategies based on the implementation of technologies and processes associated with digital technologies that configure adjustments to international business models.

The projects must integrate a direct presence in online channels, namely the creation of own stores and/or adhesion to marketplaces, as well as the development of online promotion campaigns.


Beneficiaries and Access Conditions

SME’s that prove such status, to be obtained or updated through the IAPMEI Electronic Certification, and that present a positive net situation in the complete fiscal year prior to the year of application, are eligible for the tender.

Additionally, as a condition of access, beneficiaries are required to carry out an e-commerce diagnosis in which they must achieve a score of more than 20 points. The result of the evaluation and recommendations outputs of this Diagnosis aim, on the one hand, to provide guidelines for the preparation of a detailed International E-commerce Plan that supports the submission of the application and, on the other hand, to define the type of application. to submit.


Typologies and Financing

Thus, within the scope of this Notice, the following are established as minimum and maximum thresholds of eligible expenditure:

a) €10,000 and €25,000, for projects classified as “New Exporters”: Internationalization projects promoted by SMEs that have obtained a score equal to or greater than 20 points and less than 75 points in the diagnosis are included.

b) €25,000 and €85,000, for projects classified as “More Markets”: Internationalization projects promoted by SMEs that demonstrate better conditions to promote the expansion and diversification of export markets through digital channels, which have obtained a score equal to or greater than 75 points in the diagnosis

The support to be granted takes the form of a non-reimbursable incentive, calculated by applying a 50% rate to eligible expenses.


Eligible Expenses

a) Acquisition of equipment and software

b) Expenses related to the acquisition of services from third parties relating to:

b1) Design and implementation of strategies applied to digital channels

b2) User-Centered Design (UX): design, implementation and optimization of digital strategies focused on customer experience

b3) Design, implementation, optimization of Web Content Management (WCM), Campaign Management, Customer Relationship Management and E-commerce platforms

b4) Creation of own online stores, registration and optimization of presence in electronic marketplaces

b5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA): improving presence and ranking in search engines

b6) Social Media Marketing: Design, implementation and optimization of presence and interaction with customers via social networks

b7) Content Marketing: creation and distribution of digital content

b8) Display Advertising: placement of advertisements for the company’s offer on third-party sites

b9) Mobile Marketing: translation of the strategies inscribed in the previous points

b10) Business Intelligence and Web Analytics: collection, processing, analysis and visualization of large volumes of data

c) Costs with technical personnel directly assigned to the implementation of the project (skills/abilities in e-commerce and digital marketing and corresponding to a minimum level of qualification VI)


Project duration

Projects have a maximum duration of twelve months from the date of signing the Term of Acceptance.


Fund allocation

The allocation allocated to the competition is 4.5 million euros. Applications will remain open until receipt of the limit number of applications determined according to the budget allocation.


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See the full Notice here

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