Presentation of the I SHOP VILA VERDE platform

09 Mar, 2017

Presentation of the I SHOP VILA VERDE platform

09 Mar, 2017

Yesterday, March 8, the Braga Commercial Association presented the project “I SHOP VILA VERDE: Where I Get Inspired”, carried out in partnership with the Vila Verde City Council.

NKA, within the scope of this project, developed the platform I SHOP VILA VERDE, to attract tourism to the county, become, at the same time, a privileged sales channel.

It started up, in this initial phase, with 16 stores, all of them based in the municipality of Vila Verde, integrating this responsive, multichannel, bilingual Marketplace platform.
Thanks to the partnership created with Tripadvisor, this platform also allows the direct reservation of local accommodation units and the visualization of the classification and reviews made of the municipality’s restaurant spaces.

Using Tripadvisor, this platform makes it possible to book an accommodation unit in the municipality, as well as to view the classification and reviews in the restaurant spaces.
A total of 30 participating stores are expected, an average of 75,000 euros of sales, already in 2018.



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