Presentation of the ‘Barcelos Plaza’ project

07 Apr, 2016

Presentation of the ‘Barcelos Plaza’ project

07 Apr, 2016

The Barcelos Plaza project was presented, which is being developed and implemented by NKA in the Commercial and Industrial Association of Barcelos and participating companies, within the scope of the IAPMEI COMÉRCIO INVESTE – PROJETOS CONJUNTOS.

The event took place at the ACIB headquarters and was attended, among others, by the Assistant Secretary of State and Commerce, Mr. Dr. Paulo Alexandre Ferreira.

Barcelos Plaza‘ is a commercial modernization project, which aims to enhance and boost the commercial offer of the urban center of the City of Barcelos, through the implementation of a structured intervention program in 22 participating commercial establishments and complementary actions to promote and stimulate the urban space in which they operate.

This project, whose main component is the creation of a dissemination portal, developed by NKA, will be the gateway for consumers from anywhere in the world to be able to shop at participating stores, also counting on the creation of a digital system loyalty program and a smartphone application.

As an “online” commerce strategy, based on the potential of the digital economy, it is a bet on the future by the Commercial and Industrial Association of Barcelos, which counts on the experience and technical knowledge of NKA, which is increasingly assumed to be as a reference in innovative projects.

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