Launch of the I SHOP BRAGA platform

18 Feb, 2016

Launch of the I SHOP BRAGA platform

18 Feb, 2016

On the 15th of this month, we saw the launch of ‘I SHOP BRAGA’. Defined as a joint project for the modernization of commerce in the city center of Braga, it was presented by the Braga Commercial Association.

NKA, assuming all the management of the process in terms of consultancy and logistics, was responsible for the development and implementation of this innovative project. By integrating traditional commerce into the global market, being a new associative concept with an innovative business model, it is defined as the 1st project in the country with these characteristics.

Combining the technological sector of the project with the structure that encompasses consultancy, training, logistics, content production, payments and operationalization of the entire process on the platform, NKA provides a pioneering business model in the business context.

The mayor, Ricardo Rio, emphasized the effort that the ACB has made to bring together all the economic agents in the county, more specifically in the field of commerce.

According to Ricardo Rio, this new business route places Braga’s commerce in a different position of competitiveness. “This platform combines the quality and diversity of the commercial offer in Braga, with the knowledge and innovation that the city boasts in the most diverse sectors“, said the president, during a public presentation of the e-commerce platform , showing that the ‘I Shop Braga’ is “a new way to take Braga to the world, to design the city and attract more visitors“.

The e-commerce platform is identified accordingly as a joint project between ACB and 30 retail companies in the urban center of Braga, emerging as a distinct sales channel, in a detailed offer of shops, tourism, historical and cultural heritage. .

For his part, the president of ACB, Domingo Barbosa, guarantees that this project “is a good example of what is possible to do in a joint and articulated way, with the support made available to trade associations and companies within the scope of the ‘Commerce Invest’ program”. Finally, the ‘I SHOP BRAGA’ will become a “commercial space of excellence, where the best and most characteristic products from companies in Braga will be traded“.

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