Case Study Signinum

12 Oct, 2022

Case Study Signinum

12 Oct, 2022

Successful partnerships are important in any business model and NKA is proud to work with the best, as is the case with Signinum, a reference company when it comes to Safeguarding and Enhancing Cultural Heritage.

Digital Transformation is the process that occurs in companies with technological resources to increase their performance, productivity, agility and diligence. It was with the professionals of the NKA team that Signinum implemented a Management Solution, which was adapted to its specific needs.

The Signinum of Software Primavera, Signinum, on a daily basis, concentrates the solution that best fits, in a single system, all data related to works, materials, suppliers and employees. With the integration of this project system, Signinum achieves in execution time control, real access to all information, maximum rigor and celerity in budgeting, analysis of further analysis and analysis of each quality of the estimated resources, and speed and speed in materials management. With all the information centralized, Signin obtains a broad view of all the activities of its business and, in this way, it will be able to easily achieve all the objectives outlined.

NKA has a vast team of Implementation Specialists and highly specialized Software Development Technicians who are able to respond to all requests made by Signinum, so that all processes run naturally and that they continue to do their work without being present.

NKA is part of the Primavera Group’s Premium Partner and Solutions Partner network, which places it at the highest level of partnership.

With the right partners, you can go further and in less time, so come and see some of the solutions, developed by NKA that complement ERP Primavera, by clicking here.

Access the Case Study Signinum video here.

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