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The "WE SHOP ALGARVE" platform aims to increase the international visibility of the Algarve region and the region's companies, promote, advertise, sell and negotiate the typical and regional products produced by centralizing supply in a single digital space. Its promotion and dissemination based on digital media, with a view to increasing exports and strengthening the international competitiveness of the Algarve and Portuguese economy.
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: To reinforce the international reputation of the Algarve brand, creating synergies for the joint promotion of endogenous products in the region, through the implementation of a strategy that stimulates the demand and the expansion of national and international markets, anchored in business models of the economy digital.


  • To value the endogenous products of the Algarve in the international market;
  • Add the offer of products and potential of the Algarve in the same digital space and its promotion and dissemination based on digital media;
  • To promote access to new markets and the international presence of traditional Algarve products and SMEs in the region, through the "WE SHOP ALGARVE" Platform;
  • Increase the value of exports in the turnover of SMEs that integrate the project;
  • Increase knowledge and share of it on target markets;
  • Train and share knowledge for internationalization.

: The choice of priority markets in Spain, Germany, England and France is supported by statistical studies indicating that these are some of the main countries from which tourists from the Algarve Region come from, The Region already have a first contact with the endogenous products of the Algarve, so this project will allow them to continue to consume these products in their country of origin, something that is currently very difficult to happen.
: Companies of any legal nature, based in the Algarve Region, engaged in the production, processing or marketing of typical Algarvian products, certified or not, namely: Almond; Carob; Fig; Olive; Citrus; Sweet potato; Grape; Cork; Red fruits; Mollusks; Bivalves; Sea salt; Salt flower; Honey; Sausages; Kid (meat); Cheese; Olive oil; Preserves; Regional Sweets; Spirits; Wines; Liquors; Crafts; among others.

The "WE SHOP ALGARVE" platform, in addition to the Institutional Portal and the [B2B and B2C] Marketplace, will have structured information on restaurants, nightlife, places of interest, commerce, typical products and articles, Cultural, sports and recreational activities.
ADVANTAGES: Adhering companies and producers benefit from the promotion of their products / services and online sales, aimed at end consumers and companies, in an aggregated strategy by sector of activity; Increased awareness and international visibility of the products / services it produces and / or markets; Increase in sales to international tourists; Realization of sales abroad and implementation of negotiation processes with importers through the "WE SHOP ALGARVE" platform.

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