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Connectivity arrived in management software

Expand your business from a system that speeds up operations and create opportunities through the cloud.
Never, until today, a central management system played such an active role in creating value. Now you can increase productivity and monitor the current speed of business, through its management software.



The ERP PRIMAVERA is based on a cross-platform characterized by robustness, reliability, integrity and security. Includes a set of integrated modules that allow full flow of data between financial, logistics, treasury, human resources, and accounting, among others.

Companies and institutions that have the Primavera BSS or an equivalent solution have invariably installed in their organization autonomous management solutions that are not connected to the ERP. There are also cases where these organizations need specific information, which use of was not initially foreseen in the installed ERP, but which availability became relevant from one point on.

In both cases, NKA has an extensive team of highly specialized Senior consultants for the Implementation and software development technicians who are able to respond to all requests by developing solutions that promote ERP connection installed at any autonomous management system (equipment, vehicle fleet, production or a more specific control of the works in construction, for example), as well as to collect available but not used information and integrate it into the organization's ERP.<

These custom made developments are essential in order for the leaders of organizations can provide useful management information for the specifics of their business, fully integrated on a single platform.

NKA is part of the network PREMIUM PARTNER Primavera, which places it at the highest level of partnership.

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