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IQNet Academy Portal

IQNet Academy Portal

IQNet, The International Certification Network, was founded in 1990 and is currently based in Berne. It is made up of more than 32 partners, which have subsidiaries around the world.

IQNet was created to recognize and promote certificates issued by its certifying partners.

For partner selection, IQNet has an evaluation model based on best practices, which supports continuous improvement and customer orientation. After the selection, the partners are submitted to peer audits, in order to evaluate the conformity of their processes, identify opportunities for improvement and enable the sharing of knowledge, experiences, tools, products and procedures.

In this framework, IQNet created the IQNet Academy brand, focused on the international recognition of the certified training courses offered by its members, supported by the IQNet Academy portal ( developed by NKA.

IQNet Academy is a unique, modern and credible meeting place for all professionals and organizations, especially those who have participated in recognized training or looking for opportunities to improve their skills in areas related to compliance assessment.

This portal, developed by NKA, is the answer to a clear market need in internationally recognized and valuable training courses. Support services, such as the IQNet Academy portal, provide the professionals involved with empowerment and personal promotion opportunities, with the goal of being a continuous tool for personal development and career advancement.

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