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Title: Internationalization of NKA Solutions for New Markets
Operation Code: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-001843
Main Objective: Operational Program: Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization OT 3 - Strengthening the Advantages of Small and Medium Enterprises
Region: North - Travessa José António Cruz, nº 5 - 4715-343 Braga

Expiration Date: 09/07/2015
Start date: 01/01/2016
Completion Date: 12/31/2018

Eligible cost: 269,625 euros
European Union Financial Support: ERDF 121,333.25
National / Regional Public Financial Support: 0,00 euros

Objectives, activities and results

The strategic objectives of the application presented were:
- Increase turnover by 2,225,000 euros by 2018
- Focus half turnover on international dynamics
- Consolidate investments in internationalization started with a QREN application
- Introduce new products to markets where it already operates and new international markets
- Strengthen its strategy and attract new customers in the Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde markets through prospection actions and presence in Fairs in the Angola market.
- Explore new international markets: England, Spain, Brazil, Germany, USA, Dubai, some inspection and data capture actions and presence of a fair in England.
- Betting on Digital Marketing: Preparation of catalogs of presentation of products and services of the company and institutional videos for the markets addressed.
- Bet on advertising in industry and outdoor magazines in a market that NKA considers emerging and with great potential for absorption of its products - Angola.
- Participate in private events in some cultural proximity markets: Angola and Mozambique.
- Bet on new organizational processes of commercial and productive activity with software, apply project management and communication and performance optimization presented by international clients, at a distance.
- Strengthen a company human resources structure and internal qualification.



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