I-commerce is an e-commerce solution that brings together on a common platform the offering of a series of shopping and services facilities for conducting sales in the global market.

Conceived through a model supported in technology and innovative concepts that enables the creation of networked business, i-commerce is an intuitive tool, easy to use and the management can be carried out with full autonomy by its promoters, whether these are trade associations, groups of traders, cooperatives, municipalities or other entities.

I-commerce includes a specialized consulting program that addresses relevant aspects to ensure the success of the business, such as marketing, image, advertising, design, packaging design, content production, management of social networks, billing, logistics, customer support and complaints management, among others.


Before buying, consumers search information about the product characteristics, prices, sales points, etc.


The new digital consumer uses the internet to carry out comparisons before any final purchasing decision.

Make decisions

After consultations often involving digital media, and after several comparisons, the consumer make the purchase that will not necessarily be made online.


The final process after the decision-making comprises the purchase, which can be done in the online store or physical store, always influenced by the previous research.



Integration with Platforms

Integration with ERP, CRM and other platforms.

Web & Search Analytics

All information required for decision-making in online marketing policy. It allows to know the website performance and understand consumer behavior.

Social Media Marketing

For maximizing the exposure of your products and services on the Internet. 


With the implementation of Security Certificate data encryption is assured and greater confidence in economic transactions.



Enables increased sales and the creation of a market differentiator.

Reviews & Comments

Comments from real consumers about their consumption experience, allows greater consumer perception, boost sales and increase visits.

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