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The i-Administration is an e-government solution aimed at municipalities which responds to the need for simplification and modernization of local and regional government, through the dematerialization of the relationship with citizens and businesses.
The i-Administration simplifies access to services provided by the local administration, reduces costs associated with the provision of services to citizens and businesses and contribute to the improvement of quality of service.
The i-Administration adds indispensable components to the new electronic administration model, namely Knowledge Management Modules, Intelligent Virtual Assistant and Organisational Model, solutions that allow you to keep up to date the knowledge of multiple entities and/or municipalities from a single service centre.


Online services

A set of unique features for citizens or companies.


Systems Interoperability

Interoperability of systems such as: Documentary management, SIG e ERP.



E-Mail and SMS alert

E-Mail and SMS alert, available for the citizen.


Citizen Reserved Area

Provides the user with an area to which the citizen can get quickly access to all content available for interaction with the platform.


Virtual assistant to handle cases

Attends citizen navigation, using the response mechanism to the questions asked.



Stores for services with physical attendance

The service is the first concept pitch "One Stop Shop" for services provided to citizens.

Queue management

Manages queues automatically.



Communication & Payment Notification

Integration with multiple payment methods, communications and notifications of payments.



Electronic notifications

Electronic notifications set of with a digital certificate.


Solution capable of keeping a continuously updated knowledge of multiple entities/ municipalities from a single service centre. Capable of accumulate experience in managing and distributing knowledge by emulating the human expert in solving all types of administrative tasks.


  • Collaborative Platform;
  • Reuse the knowledge in an automated form;
  • Adaptation/Automatic change of procedures and forms;
  • Analysis and centralized cataloguing;
  • Distribution and centralized management of knowledge.


  • Interactive and assisted dialogues with the Virtual assistant;
  • Concrete casuistry resolution;
  • Virtual models and forms;
  • Electronic notifications and alarms.


  • The technological solution is oriented for mapping organizational systems and working methods;
  • Automated mechanisms for quality control and continuous improvement.

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