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I SHOP BRAGA is the appointment of an overall modernization of the city center trade project presented by Commercial Association of Braga the incentive system "Trade Invest" strong> and is being developed by NKA. The application led by ACB prespetiva an investment more than 1 million euros in the creation and promotion of e-commerce network, enhancing the growth of internet transactions and the statement of center of Braga as prestigious trade.
The project I SHOP BRAGA provides an investment of 800,000 euros for participating firms and 250 thousand euros incurred by the business association.
This modernization project has a focus on new competitive factors for companies such as organization, marketing and e-commerce, unlike other previous financial incentive schemes focused on improving the physical structure of commercial establishments .
The I SHOP BRAGA includes a Network sets of support services to customers of the 30 participating stores to the project, which benefit from a "scale effect", taking advantage of a common platform on the Internet to reach new markets. A loyalty system of joint ventures, shared shopping delivery services are some of the proposed services aimed at increasing sales by electronic means and at the same time, attract more consumers to the center of Braga.


For promoters is essential to successful implementation of such a project as:


  • Funding model
  • New concept of fund-linked
  • Offering another type of value added services, a new associative concept
In the model proposed the entity promoting assume business management, working the image of a trading company, with exclusively online sales in the components:
  • Image
  • Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Management of social networks
  • Billing
  • Logistics
  • Support
  • Complaints
  • ...


  • The seller puts their items for sale
  • The buyer makes the order
  • The Association validates the payment and informs the seller
  • Seller will ship the product directly to the buyer


  • Sales of "STOREONLINE"
  • Marketing, communication and training services

The Solution

  • “StoreOnline” sell the products and services of participating stores to the project, using the same contents of the websites of participating stores (This ensures the maintenance of products and content in all sites of participating stores).
  • The orders placed directly on the websites of participating stores will be treated individually by them.
  • The participating stores must have this platform online store.
  • The platform of participating stores is amesma that the “StoreOnline”.
  • The participating stores will be integrated with the respective management software.
  • The accommodation online stores and "StoreOnline" will be common.

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