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I&CA is the answer to advisory needs for organizations seeking the continued sustainability.

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NKA is part of the group INNOVATION & COMPETITIVENESS ADVICE, I&CA, a group that is a response to advisory needs for organizations seeking the continued sustainability. 

I&CA was born of the group and the corporate merger of entrepreneurial companies, who found in sharing their experiences, their know-how, their qualifications and their resources, a range of specific services and products for organizations that intend to manage properly and efficiently its capital, its human resources, its business processes and its information and communication technologies.

The knowledge, experience and values of our elements are the fundamental contribution to that we proudly may identify ourselves as a solid group in the domestic market, with a strong focus on international markets. 

It is in the external recognition and based on the meaning they attach to us that we allow ourselves to look to the future with optimism, trying to innovate, creating competitive advantage through strengthened links and concentrating efforts on the success of each of us and of those who in one way or another are part of our growth.

NKA is a technology and consulting company which was born to keep up with market evolution in a constant process of innovation.


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  • 4715-343 Braga | PORTUGAL
  • +351 253 278 646

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