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Integrating traditional commerce in the global market

The small business, street trade or traditional trade was strongly shaken in its turnover and the ability to retain customers, with the opening and proliferation of new forms of marketing, called modern distribution and large shopping centres, which began a process expansion in the mid-90s of last century.

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The digital economy in SMEs

A world of opportunities and innovation generator of capital gains 
When the presence on the web is mentioned in SMEs, the vast majority stays by the disclosure of its activity and presentation of products/services on the website. And, even in this area, most of these sites have not updated content or any kind of interactivity with the market and potential customers… 
On the other hand if we talk about "online" sales, the universe of companies is even smaller (the vast majority are not yet appreciative of this new sales channel) and it is noted that the vast majority of companies who already own shop "online", made it available on the WEB ... and hope that buyers simply go there to buy!!!. There are still very few cases of success in this business segment.
Taking into account this reality, NKA has designed a business model supported by technology and innovative concepts, whose aim in the first instance is to create a business network, adding products from various SMEs, providing it with concepts and strategies for the success of this sales channel: promotion and constant updating (e-marketing, content production, digital photography), ascertained logistics and quality customer service.
In this business model the costs are obviously much lower for each of the companies, and attenuated the difficulties of each company, since they have an assisted input "mode" in this new channel.
On the other hand, the proposed business model envisages that after the whole process of this learning experience and hopefully sales success, each SME may, as soon as they find it opportune and at very diluted "costs", also have their own shop "online" and can, if they want, to strengthen their brand and their products and services in the Digital Market.

Association of Braga, called "I SHOP BRAGA" involving about 30 downtown shops in Historic centre of the City, which we foresee to be online by the end of 2014, leaving the Traditional Trade of Braga available to consumers spread all over the world.


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