Solution developed by NKA for equipment management with the main objective to register the interventions in each equipment of an organization by creating service sheets that allow to allocate costs of materials, services and labour, work and costs  control over a period of time per service sheet or per equipment. It allows you to manage preventive maintenance and get alerts about interventions to be made, both in terms of repairs or insurance, inspections and other criteria to be monitored periodically. 
This graphic interface enables a simplified way to create service sheets for intervention to take place in a specific item of equipment. 

Service Sheet code generated automatically;
Association with the equipment (own scale with mapping for the cost centre, fixed asset or item);
Intervention type classification (preventive, corrective, improvement, other);
Dates for control, intervention status, Remarks;
Number of kilometres or hours associated with this equipment Service sheet;
Ability to print the report accompanying the intervention for consumption registration;
Issuance of exploration reports.
In order to simplify procedures, take advantage of basic functionality of the application and knowledge of Primavera editors by users, the release of purchases and services are performed directly in Primavera document editors through documents created for this purpose. In any registration, is triggered the list of active service Sheets for the association (data entry as a centre of cost of the equipment or the maintenance department on the lines of the document for subsequent allocation to accounting). 
Own menu available for registration and allocation of labour costs to service sheets (value per employee or category).
Control parameters for equipment management such as dates for revision, inspection, change of oil, filters and other, as well as providing warning signals to the user that identifies the equipment that require a close intervention in order to satisfy these obligations (implementation of a system kilometres/hours counters associated with each device and each type of intervention - alerts triggered through the registers of fuel consumption and/or daily parts of the equipment). 
Automatic satisfaction of maintenance needs and incrementing the counters through the completion of the Service Sheets.

Thinking about registration of equipment in work, the difficulties of integration of those hours in the system for its slowness and differentiation of types of time that each organization can practice, NKA has developed an intuitive and adaptable utility that allows to register the daily parts of your company equipment in the Primavera system with reflection on Construction module and/or in internal documents in order to control management and accounting allocation.
Below we describe the main advantages and functionalities of this utility: 

Insertion / viewing / editing / removal of records;
Intuitive and practical, centralizes and optimizes release times;
Automatic devices for registration between date ranges;
Assignment of equipment time to different classes of activity (cataloguing costs if so desired);
Registration of times normal hour, time available, failure hours, overtime.., upon the needs of each organization;
Assignment of equipment time to construction site on different days, in different projects/ work;
Creation of an equipment table with mappings to cost centres, assets or articles of the organization;
The registration of daily pieces of equipment will allow the integration of those values in cost accounting in each cost centre (associated work) by debiting the real costs of equipment;
Visualization of historic of entries  with the possibility of correction.

In order to centralize repair costs per equipment NKA developed the control of log sheets, also called Work Sheet or Repair Sheet. These service sheets, associated to a particular equipment are registered in the system through automatic coding, identifying the equipment (possible association with cost centre, asset, item, own equipment schedule), type of intervention (preventive, improvement, corrective,), among others. 
All costs associated to that intervention are logged by internal documents, stock or financial, in the ERP Primavera, which allow to obtain transparently costs per external services, consumables, manpower and others per service sheet and consequently per equipment. 
Get information of the actual costs of interventions executed in your equipment (internal / external), through this add-on module to the ERP Primavera.
In order to satisfy the need to manage and register the information of the undertaken and to be undertaken routes by the company vehicles, it was elaborated an additional module to the ERP Primavera that allows to log the information related to a particular route for loading/unloading of a vehicle, allowing the planning and further analysis of the work done by the company's fleet.
Main Features
Travel log with information relating to stops (loading / unloading), containing among other, information, weight, number of pallets, destination, etc.;
Consultation  of  carried out trips in detail or per main customer for the whole fleet;
Issue of  waybills grouped by customer;
Integration with Cartrack location system;
Cargo Location;
Vehicle Location;
Travelled kilometres;
Total/intermediate consumption;
Multidimensional analysis per Licence plate/Trailer/Client/Driver/Time period;
Issuing of reports;
Interconnection between route management and service planning.

ERP Primavera additional module which allows the logging of records of equipment rental to construction and/or third parties.
With this tool you can log the rentals carried out to customers through two distinct methods that may complement itself:

Logging of rentals with billing only at the end of the rental.
The logging of equipment rental is carried out and later a final billing document will be issued. At any time users can consult the location of the equipment and the number of rental days that are already assigned to it.

Rental log with intermediate and final billing.
The rental of equipment with intermediate billing (monthly / weekly / daily / etc.) will be logged and posterior final billing when the equipment is returned. This kind of intermediate billing can be done in bulk to more than one rental equipment.
This billing can be issued to third parties and/or the company itself, thus maintaining a registration of costs and use of equipment.
Users can now control the location or historic of location and the number of days in use for a specific equipment.

An additional module to ERP Primavera enables the import of data in Excel of fuel, insurance and tolls, according to their own models. 
These logs are integrated into documents in ERP Primavera mapping the equipment (Licence plate) with ERP cost centres, taking into account the tax charge deductions and autonomous taxation.
An additional module to ERP Primavera enables the import of data in Excel of fuel, insurance and tolls, according to their own models. 
These logs are integrated into documents in ERP Primavera mapping the equipment (Licence plate) with ERP cost centres, taking into account the tax charge deductions and autonomous taxation.
Data from entities, articles, projects/works, are fed with data from your ERP Primavera. These requisitions are automatically integrated into the ERP, through the creation of quotation documents or price requests (internal) subject to appropriate authorization. The authorization is made in this application by those who have access rights for that, the quotation documents are automatically authorized in the ERP Primavera for subsequent proceedings, including the order to the supplier (possibility of request for market prices before the order to the supplier). Ability to control several levels of authorization and to consult whether the request has already resulted in an order to the supplier and if said order has been received.
Independent solution without need for licensing Primavera modules;
Possibility of installation on all stations of your company;
Hierarchical definition of approvals;
Data consultation such as pending requests (per user), approved and received;
Requisitions historic by user;
Creation of Login structure mapped with user in the ERP Primavera;
Possibility of implementation  in the versions Professional or Executive Line.
To ensure the necessary adjustments when technology upgrades are carried out in the ERP Primavera, we recommend adhesion to an annual continuity contract.
Integrated module in ERP Primavera for companies providing technical assistance to equipment or software. 
Through this module you can register requests to repair equipment, software assistance service requests, track serial numbers and guarantees, issue and manage service contracts, manage agendas of technical assistance personnel, access the most frequent problems databases, billing parts, thus providing a total control of efficiency and profitability of the company/department. 
The versatility of the module combined with the ability to customize that NKA through the experience and expertise of its consultants in management and development, made possible to implement this product in organizations of different business areas.
The billing for executed services or parts, as well as the management of stocks of material used in the interventions are examples of possible integration of technical assistance with the modules of Treasury and Inventory, respectively. 
One of the procedures developed by NKA, allows the inputs/outputs of stock are immediately subjected to a particular intervention, enabling the technician who carries out the work to gather the necessary material in the warehouse. When the technician ends the intervention and returns with the unused material, the store may log its entry into stock, being no longer assigned to the intervention.
Allied to the interventions, there may be a project/work, in which each intervention may affect a particular project. So, you can follow a project from the beginning to the maintenance phase (guarantee), controlling at all times the profitability of the same and taking advantage of the interconnection between the different areas of ERP Primavera.
Integrated module in ERP Primavera allows you to manage the relationship of the partners of an association, club, community or other entities.
Through this module you can register the membership  register as an entity in the ERP Primavera, benefiting from a data structure that enables categorize the associates with the information of their representatives, constitution date, admission date, main / secondary activity, commercial / fiscal designation, collector, legal form, date of cancellation, cancellation reason, among others.
The versatility of the module, extremely intuitive and simple interface, combined with the ability to customize that NKA has, through the experience and expertise of its consultants in management and development, made possible to incorporate in the ERP Primavera the necessary features for associative management with a set of extremely useful functionalities in the management and administration for this type of organizations.
Using the features of ERP Primavera for customization of lists, maps, integration with current accounts, treasury and accounting. We ensure data import and pending in existing associations.

Management of different types of associates;
Management of different types of quotas and their periodicities;
Possibility of introducing prices by default in the various existing quotas;
Automatic processing of quotas (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, per day);
Possibility of manual processing of quotas;
Issuing of payment receipts;
Certification of invoices/receipts as per current legislation;
Management of associates current accounts;
Several listings / printout from associates, quotas in debt or overdue;

Module additional to ERP Primavera to consult customers information and respective pending’s directly from the Primavera data base and through an intuitive and versatile method provides the desired information through their own filters which allow to display and select the desired data for processing the overdue notes and to generate a batch of e-mails with the overdue warnings automatically generated in PDF and attached to those emails.
Availability of own lists in order to access to application by users with the duly permission, with information of documents that exceeded the date due date.
Sending history with dates and attached documents;
Integration with ERM Primavera (registration of activities associated with customers);
Consultation in detail from movements that originate the due date notices;
Autonomous issuing of warnings without the need for generating sequential notices;
The equipment (ERP items) and projects/constructions, are fed by the data from your ERP Primavera. Registers control by login and dates with connection to ERP through internal or purchasing documents. These documents of costs that reflect the time and costs in the project/associated construction.
Independent solution without the need for licensing modules Primavera;
Possibility of installation on all stations of your company;
Data consulting (per user)
Register historic per user;
Creation of login structure mapped with the user in the ERP Primavera;
Control the use of equipment;
Automatic allocation of cost /hour to the project;
Control of excessive use;
Improvement in the equipment utilization rate.

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