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The BARCELOS PLAZA project brings together street commerce with e-commerce, treating them as a "single thing", indivisible. It is the result of an application to the COMÉRCIO INVESTE Program led by ACIB in partnership with some twenty of Barcelona's commercial establishments. It has two components: the first, of an individual nature, aims at the modernization of each adherent commercial enterprise; And the second, of a collective nature, proposes to enhance and boost the joint offer of the urban center of Barcelos.

In its collective component, BARCELOS PLAZA is the mark of a new commercial attitude, embodied in an electronic platform that will serve as a showcase for the Barcelos trade and in a series of initiatives that seek to invite consumers - whether from the county, the region or occasional visitors to Other geographies - to enter stores to make purchases. Among these initiatives, we highlight the commercial routes through the city with points of interest and a dedicated mobile application, as well as the dynamization of the whole project in social networks and through email marketing campaigns.

The project is being developed by NKA.

NKA is a technology and consulting company which was born to keep up with market evolution in a constant process of innovation.


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