Quality policy

The management of NKA publicly declares its commitments, thus establishing its Quality Policy, which aims to continuously promote a culture of quality in order to achieve a position of reference in the national and international market through the following guidelines:

Promote customer and stakeholder satisfaction

-Fulfilling the agreed requirements and promoting a partnership relationship;
-Making a difference in the quality, execution and image, guaranteeing an efficient response to requests.

Ensuring continuous improvement of the organization

-Promoting an efficient internal organization, with high levels of service quality;
-Fulfilling contractually or legally established requirements;
-Keep the business within the main activity.

Promover a satisfação Missão
Assegurar as competências Visão

Ensure as human resources of human resources

-Promoting the increase in the skills of employees, necessary and appropriate to “know-how”;
-Ensuring the updating and continuous information of the human structure, enhancing motivation and better performances.

Ensuring the economic sustainability of the organization

-Ensure financial and economic sustainability;
-Promoting the systematic monitoring of its operational performance.

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