NKA - New Knowledge Advice, Lda.

NKA is a technological company that designs and develops global solutions aimed at transforming its customers’ businesses, making them better able to respond to the growing demands of the markets.

The products and services it designs and installs focus on optimizing the human and material resources of the public and private organizations with which it collaborates, developing them according to customer needs, in a personalized way and in a friendly environment.

The cornerstone of NKA is the ability it demonstrates to design solutions through a permanent monitoring process ensured by the technical and technological quality of qualified and experienced professionals.

It should also be noted that NKA has the Quality Management System Certificate, according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, for the activities of Design, Development and Implementation of Customized Software for the Client: implementation of ERP, CRM and other applications ; Consultancy and IT Technical Assistance, as well as the Training Entity Certificate with the Quality Assurance of the National Qualifications System – DGERT

In addition to Improving, Transforming the business is truly our distinguishing feature.

Empresa NKA
Missao Visao Valores

Mission, Vision and Values

NKA is a technology company that designs and develops global solutions aimed at transforming its customers’ businesses
Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsability

In a social commitment to the environment, society and organizations, NKA develops concrete actions that aim to promote social responsibility

Co-financed Projects

Discover the projects that we have already developed, in partnership with several entities and multiple teaching entities, with the objective of guaranteeing the creation of added value and IT&D.

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