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New "Visit Braga" platform centralizes supply and affirms Braga as a tourist destination.

NKA was the selected company, under the respective Tender, to design the business model and implement the VISIT BRAGA platform, which is now presented to the Media.
The project "VISIT BRAGA - Integrated Promotion of Tourism Offering" has as its main objective the promotion of Braga as a tourist destination, adding the offer: lodging, catering, typical products, handicrafts and experiences aimed at tourists, with possibility of booking and transaction, providing information for other activities that, directly and indirectly, are indispensable for the strategy of tourism promotion of the city of Braga.
At the same time, a collaborative network of stakeholders from the tourism sector in the city of Braga will be created to align individual strategies and improve stakeholder engagement around common and convergent goals.
With the implementation of this project, the city of Braga will have a platform that will be fundamental to reinforce the affirmation of being one of the main Iberian tourist destinations and reinforce its notoriety as an international tourist destination.
NKA is very focused on the design and implementation of digital business models, with special emphasis on eMARKETPLACES, aggregators of various types of offer, aimed at end consumers and / or business customers.


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