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The Digital Economy in SMEs: a world of opportunity and innovation a capital gains generator.
The growing use of the Internet via mobile devices creates a new requirement in web development.
Responsive Web design / Unlimited Usability
We are a certified entity for simplified projects


Development platforms based on technology and innovative concepts.

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Primavera Software

We focus on optimization and customization of ERP Primavera according to the needs of each client. We fit in the Premium Primavera partner network, which places us at the highest level of partnership

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CRM - Customer Relationship Manager

Complete solution that allows a global view of customers and potencial. Highly effective in automating marketing actions destined to increase sales.

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Platform that aims to respond to the simplification and modernization of regional and local administration. Perfectly prepared and designed for implementation based on the Cloud Computing model.

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Business Consulting

An effective response to present and future challenges, we propose a set of solutions that aim to maximize investment and performance of businesses in IT.

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Web Development

DESIGN, FUNCTIONALITY and EFFECTIVENESS combined with intuitive and easy to use by the client are betting on solutions that enable companies to approach the web universe..

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Testimonials from our customers

NkaAcademies has been the great ally in the development of our training department.
As TRANSGRUA is a company at national level, it is very important for us to expedite the issuance of "DTP" and the fast execution of training actions, anywhere. Without this tool this task would be very difficult to accomplish.
Since the implementation of the application, we have been able to exceed the estimated formative goals from year to year.
Thanks for the collaboration.

Gonçalo Pereira
HST department / Formation Professional

As a client, I am obliged to inform about the high satisfaction with the project's implementation, training for its continuity and completion.

Miguel Sobral
Finance & Administrative Manager

An excellent team of professionals. I emphasize from our still short institutional relationship, constant availability, professionalism and technical competence. Not least, the emotive way they get involved in the projects, in a cordial exchange of ideas, in which the parties respect each other in the quest for the optimization of the final product. The respect, the ability to perceive problems and to find the best solutions are aspects of enhancement in the NKA.

Jorge Miranda
Project Coordinator

News and Events

NKA, adheres to teleworking on a rotating basis
COVID-19: Contingency measures: In view of the extraordinary situation of the outbreak of COVID-19, NKA, in force and in close coordination with the...
Mar 13, 2020

New "Visit Braga" platform centralizes supply and affirms Braga as a tourist destination.
NKA was the selected company, under the respective Tender, to design the business model and implement the VISIT BRAGA platform, which is now...
Jun 19, 2018

European Union distinguishes the "I Shop Braga" platform.
The European Commission has published a guide to good practices for the promotion and revitalization of local trade in the Member States of the...
May 02, 2018
WSA Thematic Sessions
Thematic Sessions We Shop Algarve
“We Shop Algarve” – The online store for the products of the Algarve! The NKA was present in the Thematic Sessions Algarve Store & Online...
Jun 12, 2017
I SHOP BRAGA - Revitalization of Traditional Trade
#ishopbraga The I Shop Braga project, developed by NKA, was presented by ACB last February in Lisbon as a good practice of "Revitalization of...
Apr 10, 2017
Presentation of the platform I SHOP VILA VERDE
Yesterday, March 8, the Commercial Association of Braga presented the project, "I SHOP VILA VERDE: Where I Get Inspired", carried out in partnership...
Mar 09, 2017

Presentation of 'Barcelos Plaza' project
Barcelos Plaza project was presented this week, which is being developed and implemented by NKA  in the Commercial and Industrial Association of...
Apr 08, 2016

Come be part of the team NKA
The NKA is present in the first Jobshop the IPCA Technology School.  
Jul 03, 2015

Business mission to Turkey
NKA was present through an element which participated in the seminar on "How to Make Business in Turkey" and Portugal-Turkey Business Forum as well...
Jun 29, 2015

NKA Partner of FICIS
The NKA joined the International Forum FICIS, being EVENT PARTNER of this initiative. "Experts, cities and companies will meet in Braga, from 16 to...
Jun 29, 2015


Trust is our goal that we raise in each partnership, in each project.

We are a technology and consulting company, which was created to monitor market evolution in a process of constant innovation.
We develop own solutions in response to the needs detected in consulting or implementation of systems.

We work competences to improve the strategies and the performance of companies and organizations.
The right monitoring in all your projects.

The greater ability of a leader is to develop extraordinary abilities in ordinary people.

Abraham Lincoln

What we think

With the emergence of electronic low cost equipment such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, allowed a democratization of access to existing information on the world-wide-web, noting an increase in the ecommerce market in recent years. I believe that in Portugal in the coming years, just like it happened in most developed countries in the digital economy, will notice an exponential increase in sales in this type of platforms.

Luis Pimentel
Consulting & Development

Since the establishment, we have the expertise of PRIMAVERA Premium Partner having on our coaching staff the required skills for the implementation of more complex information systems through specific methodologies and where the requirements of additional software developments are common with a view to adapting the solution to the needs of businesses and their integration with other systems operating in the organization.

Nuno Gomes
Senior Consultant

In addition to improving, transform

"Because I'm the size of what I see
And not the size of my height..."


Development and implementation of urban e-marketplaces


NKA is a technology and consulting company which was born to keep up with market evolution in a constant process of innovation.


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